Banned from TS?

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Banned from TS?

Post by Sgtjimmy2006 on Tue Sep 06, 2016 5:19 pm


as i am sure you are aware i was unable to log into ts over the past few weeks or so. For some reason i have been banned for giving Bardock the TS password, which is rubbish to say the least, the day i was banned was the day he was able to get into the server, no i was playing with viv and in ts with him and unaware bardock joined then soon left , once i had logged out after i had enough that day i rejoined later in the evening only to be denied access to the team speak ?

I would of like to explain this situation to someone of the admin group before being kicked which is A) unfair B) fucking crap. I DID NOT GIVE BARDOCK THE PASSWORD! as much as i enjoy playing with him i was strictly given the password as per a confidential agreement with the group. As a long time TDS TFF member this is unruly and rubbish to say the least, i wasn't given any chance to explain the situation before being kick. this is unprofessional as a group and should of been spoken to me about first, we all know i go on as regularly as i can

This is just a game and no one here is being paid to play , THIS IS A GAME FOR FUN !

i hope this can be dealt with in a civil way, we are ALL adults!!
either send me a battlelog message or let me join in to explain but what i said still stands.

Cheers all



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Re: Banned from TS?

Post by Guest on Wed Sep 07, 2016 9:04 pm

Jimmy sorry for the delay I saw your message last night but the other guys were not online, after speaking to them about this they have chosen to give you the benefit of the doubt as you solidly maintain that you had not given out the password. The guys also have spoken highly of you and believe worthy of another chance. Also just to add you weren't actually banned we just changed the password and I will add it to your Battlelog and look forward to seeing you back in TS and game soon.




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